Friday, December 10, 2004

17 year old girl victim of series of anti-gay attacks at her school near San Francisco

A 17 year old girl is the victim of a series of on-going hate crimes at Tamalpias High School in Mill Valley, CA., just a few miles north of San Francisco.

The girl, a member of the school's gay/lesbian organization, told authorities that the attacks have been escalating. They began on the first of November when her locker was defaced with an anti-gay message. A week later her car suffered similar damage. The next week she found a threatening, typewritten note at her home. The next attack coming only days later turned physical when unseen attackers pelted her with raw eggs outside her home. This week the words "Die Fag" were spray painted in two foot high letters on the wall of the school.

School officials and police are investigating. The Marin paper, The Independent Journal quotes Bob Ferguson, superintendent of the school district as saying that the attacks have been met with widespread disgust and outrage at Tam High. Numerous students, teachers and other school employees have been wearing ribbons as a show of solidarity with the girl, he said.


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