Monday, December 13, 2004

I should have realised...

Silly me, I should have realised that my duty to God and Country requires me to embrace GWB. It wasn't until I read this letter to the editor in my home town paper that I realised that my failure to do so will lead to the downfall of the USA. Of course I can't help but comment of the letter. My comments will be in red.

Americans must come together, support Bush

I am disgusted reading the hate letters sent in regarding President George Bush winning the election.

The hate mail and comments about liberals, gays, freedom of choice supporters, etc. don't bother you???

These people writing the hate letters evidently have not checked into Sen. John Kerry's record. He served four months in the Vietnam War, and when he came back, he went before Congress and told of horrible things the U.S. servicemen (including himself) were supposed to have done to the Vietnamese people.

I too came back from Vietnam with stories like that. I met far too many GI's who loved to boast that when driving they would purposely run down "gooks" on foot or bicycle, too many helicopter gunners who would regale thier comrades with stories of opening fire on people simply tilling their fields, just far too many GIs who would justify abherant behavior with the attitude that "the only good 'gook' is a dead 'gook'."

I remember, as a Military Policeman, being called on the radio by a helicopter pilot to expect 4 prisoners, only minutes later to receive another call: "Make that 3 prisoners, one 'fell out'."

Members of my own unit used to take a fire engine to the trash dump where all the garbage from our unit was taken. They would use a high pressure water hose to blast the starving locals who were scrounging there for food. These soldiers used to relish describing how the Vietnamese were literally blasted off of their feet to roll all the way to the bottom of the trash pile from the top.

So Mr. Kerry doesn't deserve to be president because he dared tell the truth???

Also, these people need to research what he accomplished in 20 years as a senator.

As opposed to the accomplishments of George W. Bush during the same period of time???

Then they can decide whether they really think he is qualified to be the leader of our country.

Been there, done that.

Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator and did terrible things to his own people.

I agree.

Iraq is so much better off without him ruling their country.

Well, gee. That is not what the Iraqi people are saying. They point out that while Saddam was evil and killed thousands of their own people, at least there was electricity full time, rather than a couple of hours a day as is the case now. The sewage did not flow throught the streets as it does now. The water taps worked. They could send their children to school, the streets were safe, resturants and stores were open and they did not have to cower inside their homes 24 hours a day, afraid of both the roving gangs of insurgents, bandits and kidnappers as well as the trigger happy Americans.

Of course, war takes lives, and we need to support our troops in Iraq.

Yes, we do need to. That was brought home to us last week when it took a very brave young soldier to finally confront Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld about the lack of basic equipment we give those troops.

Would those who have written their hate letters prefer having the terrorists come to kill and destroy our country?

And just what does that have to do with Iraq??? 9/11 had nothing to do with that country.

President Bush has been doing his best to keep this from happening.

Well, many of us think that his "best" just isn't good enough.

Our country was founded on godly principles. In the Bible, Jesus said, "Every kingdom divided [or we could say every country divided] against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against itself falls."

Yes, and President Bush has done so much to unite the citizens of this country. Not.

The people in our country who are writing the hate letters need to stop. It is imperative that all Americans come together and support President Bush and the other elected officials so that our country can stay strong and powerful.

I think that I remember a similar sentiment from the '60's. I can still see the bumper stickers ... "America, love it or leave it" . You know, criticism does not equal hate. Patriatism is not the exclusive property of one party or the other.

The original letter was written by
Imagene Lyon, Olympia

The comments in red are mine...


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