Friday, December 24, 2004

It's Snapple or nothing in Brooklyn schools

The New York Daily News reports today that high school students in that city have two choices when it comes to quenching their thirst during school hours - Snapple or nothing. (roll your cursor over the photo to read a New York Times article that tells what some experts think of Snapple)

This year the school district has implemented rules which prohibit students from bring their own beverages onto school grounds. "It's wrong," said Shabana Mohumad, a freshman at Clara Barton High School who saw her sealed water bottle confiscated last week. "It was insulting."

The school district has had a contract with the school district. In exchange for the right to sell beverages in schools, Snapple has returned $4.1 million in profits to the Education Department - paying for an expansion of middle- and high-school sports. The city is expected to reap another $7 million this year.


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