Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thumbs down

A great big "thumbs down" to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for telling the GI's concerned about the lack of vehicle armor that America is only capable of retrofitting 400 vehicles a month. Donnie needs a history lesson. After Pearl Harbor, when the country was serious about making sure their fighting forces had what they needed to win the war, the country sacrificed, putting aside non-essentials for the good of the troops.

A sparkplug factory switched to the production of machine guns. A manufacturer of stoves was producing lifeboats. A merry-go-round factory was making gun mounts; a toy company was turning out compasses; a corset manufacturer was producing grenade belts; and a pinball machine plant began to make armor-piercing shells as just a few examples.

What are we being asked to give up to support our troops in Iraq? As far as I can tell the only things we are willing to sacrifice for this war are our children in uniform.

Am I disgusted by this whole mess? You bet!


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