Monday, December 06, 2004

Write off your debts the Christian way

So say the subject lines of many of the spam (spams?) which end up in my in box. Needless to say I've never bothered to open any of them to see just what that Christian way is. Maybe it's the method discovered by the good God fearing citizens of Hildale and Colorado City, two small towns which sit astride the Utah-Arizona state line. Those folks, apparently convinced that the end of civilization is about to happen, made an oath among themselves to borrow as much money as possible from the local bank with no plans to pay back the loans. Hey, no tomorrow, no worry.

Of course the bank made things easy by handing out loans left and right, asking for little or no collateral. The embezzlement of nearly $5 million by the head cashier of the institution was the straw that broke the camels back. (Why didn't he just borrow it like everyone else?)

The press reports that "Small-business owners mourned the passing of a friendly bank that gave them easy terms." Ah huh.


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