Tuesday, February 22, 2005

These are some sick fucks

Military police are investigating a cruel hoax in which a man wearing an Army dress uniform falsely told the wife of a soldier that her husband had been killed in Iraq.

Investigators are trying to determine why the man delivered the false death notice and whether he was a soldier or a civilian wearing a military uniform.

That's right. Some sicko thinks that it is funny to falsely tell families that their loved one was killed in the war.

This isn't the first time that this cruel hoax has been pulled at Ft. Stewart, GA. When the 19,000 troops of the 3rd Infantry Division were on the first tour several families received phone calls falsely telling them that their family member had been killed in Iraq. Prior to this tour the spouses remaining at home were told by the camp officials to be wary of such calls, and what to expect in case of a real notification. It was this heads-up which allowed the victim in this case to suspect that the uniformed man who came to the door was an imposter.

Yo, folks. It's OK to be against the war. It's never OK to act out against someone because he or she or a member of his family is in the military. For the record, its also not OK to send nasty, hate filled letters and emails to people with whom you disagree politically. That's bullshit. Don't do it! And don't try to justify your actions by pointing out that many right wing nuts do the same thing. That's why they are right wing nuts (duh!)


Anonymous larkohio said...

Paul you are so right. If you do or do not support the war, to be evil, and that was evil, to some innocent woman is horrible.

10:18 AM  

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