Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fox News Poll - Record Low For Bush

A Fox News poll released today shows President Bush's job approval rating at a record low of 41%. This is a loss of 4 percentage points from just two weeks ago. The poll shows that 51% of Americans disapprove of the job that Bush is doing. At the end of July the numbers were 47% approved and 44% disapproved.

Even among Republicans only 81% give him an approval rating. Democrats are considerably less kind, giving him only 8% approval. 30% of independents approve.

In less encouraging news, 22% think that the storms extraordinary strength could be blamed on global warming. 56% think its strength was a random act of nature. A mind boggling 40% believe that natural disasters are a message from a higher being. 51% disagree.

Speaking of polls, tonight Lou Dobbs asked his viewers, "Do you believe President Bush will be able to assure the American public about the government's readiness to quickly and adequately respond to future disasters?"

No: 95%

Yes: 5%


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