Thursday, September 22, 2005

Good NYT article on gay cruising

The New York Times gets mixed reviews from me today. I'm not particularly happy with their decision to hide the best columnists behind a $50 a year gate, but they do get an "attaboy" from me for their article on cruising.
"Manhattan may have its gay bars and such traditional pickup spots as the woods of the Ramble in Central Park and the piers of the West Village. But in the less-accepting climate of the suburbs and the boroughs outside Manhattan, gay men often resort to courting one another from the relative safety and privacy of their cars. They troll remote parking lots that become de facto pickup spots well known in gay circles but not to the general public."

This is the first article on the subject that I have read in any non-gay publication in the 40 years or so that I have been paying attention that didn't exploit the story to shock the straights or to show just how debased we are.

I have been deeply troubled for years by the deafening silence from our community to the widespread and ever ongoing string of arrests of sex seeking men by law enforcement officers who have to masqurade as cruising men. These cops often have to cross the line of entrapment to make their busts and then lie about it in court. The cops say they have to crack down on cruisers to keep straight men and youth from being hit on. I ask, if that is true, why do the cops have to work so hard at posing as someone who wants to be hit on?


Blogger Karl said...

Yes, I found the article quite factual.

Of course, the fact that it provided the specific details re many locations will undoubtedly guide the merely curious or questioning - yummy!

Female commercial sex workers (AKA prostitutes) in Alaska cruise around in Winnebagos. There's not that much difference between what may happen behind closed vehicle doors (and opaque/tinted windows).

Who cares?


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