Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Is Bush Losing It? Seriously.

Is President Bush losing his grip on reality or is he a coward? I've been mulling that question ever since I saw him apparently acting inappropriately in a video of him touring New Orleans on the back of a military truck. If you have watched coverage of the recovery efforts in the past week or so, then you have almost certainly seen the clip that this still was taken from. They are still playing the clip. I've seen it as recently as last night.

In the clip we see the truck pass under a low hanging wire. You can see the people in the left hand side of the frame reach up to move the wire out of the way. People in the right hand side of the frame lean away. But look at the President. In this still he is crouched down far lower than anyone else. In fact as I learned by playing the clip in my TIVO one frame at a time, Bush actually dived down so low that he was out the frame. In the frame we see, he is starting to come back up from the floor. Is he losing it or what?


Blogger Pam said...

That picture says a lot. The man is afraid of a freaking wire? He's a spineless bastard that can't face real life, let alone the "urban jungle".

7:40 AM  
Blogger Karl said...

Yes, he is losing it.

Just google Bush Girlie Man for further details.


2:49 AM  

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