Saturday, September 10, 2005

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June 30, 2006

While insurgents and troops fight, reconstruction is a forgotten dream

Officials conceded today that reconstruction efforts have come to a near total halt due to the increased number of attacks by the insurgents in New Orleans.

Military officials, speaking only on the condition that they not be named, told this newsman that a big part of the problem arose because planners had not anticipated an armed insurrection. The Army and the National Guard went in expecting that the residents would look on them as rescuers. "We were told that the townspeople would be showering us with flowers as we drove down the street" one military police captain told us. "Instead we were met first with harsh words, then rocks, later bullets."
The insurgents, estimated at first at no more than 10,000, are now believed to number at least twice that. Officials on the ground are quietly admitting that the number grows daily as former residents of the area stream back in through city borders that the US military and private security forces have been unable to secure.

A high ranking Army officer said that many refugees are escaping from the holding camps set up shortly after the disaster. "We tried to disperse the troublemakers to different locations through out the country", he said "But they have managed to get out of the highly guarded holding areas, and are returning home."

In the meantime critics of the administration are questioning multi-million dollar no-bid contracts handed to firms, such as Haliburton, with known ties to administration officials. The White House has been quick to defend those contracts, saying that no favoritism was involved. "We just chose the most qualified contractors" said White House spokesman Scott McLellan.

The White House has also been quick to downplay the growing chaos in New Orleans. In a speech before a handpicked audience of political supporters President Bush took a moment to assure the American people that "We have turned the corner on lawlessness." He went on to say that the insurgents, whom he described as "looters" were simply a small group of trouble makers who did not represent the "brave people of New Orleans".

In other news from Washington, former FEMA director and Medal of Freedom recipient Michael Brown has been spotted working as a greeter at Maryland area Walmart store. He rebuffed attempts by reporters to question him about his new position.


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