Saturday, September 24, 2005

Pol's, Demo & Repub, Preach Unity

In an exceedingly rare show of bi-partison unity politicians from both major parties joined together Saturday to condemn what they say is a growing threat to democracy.

An open letter to the American people signed by 90% of the elected officials of this country, including those holding office on the federal, state and local levels, strongly warned of the danger posed by the current fad of questioning the qualifications of political appointees.

Democrats, who had actually triggered the crisis by questioning the qualifications of former (but still getting paid) FEMA director Michael Brown made a 180 degree policy shift late this week when they realised that a requirement that someone actually be qualified before being appointed to a government post could very well effect their future plans.

As one said "Most of us realise that due to term limits and the fickleness of voters, we might very well need an appointed post sometime in our public career. Demanding that only qualified people get those jobs is going to come back and bite us in the ass."

Another agreed: "If it wasn't for patronage jobs many of us would find ourselves thrown into the competitive job market sooner or later." He went on to add: "With few exceptions those who are the recipients of these political plums don't do too much damage. Sure, there are the horror cases, such as FEMA's Brown, or that mayor in Spokane who was willing to give a job to a 17 year old whose only qualification was his cock sucking ability, or a movie czar who is supposed to draw film crews to his city but repels them instead, but to paraphrase a great American, "You go to work with the qualifications you have, not the ones that you wish you had - Shit happens."

Other politicians fear a more insidious danger. A former Democrat presidential candidate laid it out: "When the citizens start questioning their leaders' decisions, when those citizens start thinking for themselves, our whole system of government is in danger. Critical thought on the part of the masses must be discouraged," he went on, "Otherwise we, the elected, are going to be in the position of someday being held accountable for our actions. God help us if that day ever comes."


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