Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pun Fun

Fast talking kidnappers snow cops, take powder

From Bloomberg:

The kidnappers of Claudia Melchers, the Dutch millionaire's daughter released after being abducted from her Amsterdam home, demanded a ransom of 300 kilograms (660 pounds) of cocaine.

Melchers, 37, was released unharmed by her abductors last night after being held for two days, Commissioner Willem Woelders, the police officer heading the investigation, told reporters today.

The three kidnappers, who are unidentified, are still at large. Reportedly the police are staking out stores which sell drug paraphnalia in hopes that the suspects will come in to buy items with which to use the drug.

Critics sniff that the cops are "grasping at straws". "That's not way to get a line on these crooks," snorted one observer. His viewpoint was mirrored by other bystanders. They need some crack investigators." one exclaimed.


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