Sunday, September 11, 2005

SF ambulances fail test, City focuses on "Who leaked results?"

In mid August of this year paramedics from the San Francisco Fire Department took their ambulances in for their annual safety equipment inspection. Considering that this was not a surprise inspection the results were mind boggling. All but two of the rescue rigs failed the inspection.

From San Francisco's KGO Television

"San Francisco's Emergency Medical Services Agency inspected 26 ambulances from the fire department last week, and 24 of them failed.

Inspectors refused to issue permits for the two dozen ambulances until the problems are corrected -- basic equipment's missing -- tourniquets, compresses, infant oxygen masks, thermal blankets, heavy gloves, fire extinguishers, bull horns, even DMV registration papers...

Worse yet, paramedics tell us they got such poor marks, even though the department warned them ahead of time exactly when the inspections would be.

Peter Green, San Francisco Fire Dept. paramedic: "I think it's troublesome because in this era of terrorism and mass casualty events, you need all the equipment that is specified on the ambulance."

There's another problem. Sources with direct knowledge of last week's inspections tell us, some inspectors who spotted missing equipment allowed crews to go and restock their ambulances, and then gave them a better grade on the report."

I spoke to a Fire Department supervisor today, who for obvious reasons shall remain nameless. He told me that the SFFD is conducting an investigation - not to find out why so many rigs failed the test, but rather to determine who alerted the press to the situation.

In other news, the City of San Francisco assured their residents, after the tragedy in New Orleans, that San Francisco was ready for "the big one". Yeah, right. And the check's in the mail, and I won't come in your...


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Blogger Paul from SF said...

Everyone must die, dude. It's a law of nature. Just curious though, are non-political fags ok?

Most folks don't get quite as specific as you did in their anti-gay ranting, or is it anti-political ranting?

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