Thursday, September 15, 2005

World's Lamest Excuse

And the award goes to -- Capt. Barry Brown, an Air Force lawyer who claimed that he hired a hit man to kill his wife to spare her the stigma of divorce and out of fear of her committing suicide if he divorced her. Too bad he didn't show the same concern about innocent victims:

Brown, who grew up in Searcy, Ark., told (the hit man) that he worried about becoming a suspect. To deflect attention, he suggested that Williams go after Irene Brown at her office and fire indiscriminately at others.

He described his vision of the shooting as "like you see on the news - one killed, three or four injured."

The other woman is no prize herself. She will be going on trial soon as an accomplice. Seems that she was the one who introduced Brown to the hit man. Gee, didn't she give any thought to what the future might hold for her once her boyfried got tired of the relationship?

And the wife who was targeted to be killed?

Irene Brown, 32, blamed herself in large measure for causing the problem, and her husband did, too.

"I had to do something to deserve this," she said during tearful testimony. "No one tries to kill their wife unless she did something."

The hit man seems to be the only one with any brains in this whole outfit. Apparently it didn't take him long to figure out that he was dealing with a bunch of flakes. Instead of knocking off the unwanted wife he went to police and laid out the plot.

Mr. Brown will spending the next 18 years behind bars. Probably the best place for him. Could you imagine being this guy's legal client?


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