Friday, October 21, 2005

Kinder, Gentler Bullets? What is this B.S.?

From the AP:

BAGHDAD -- The U.S. military announced the deaths of five service members Thursday, including three killed Wednesday by a roadside bomb near Balad, north of Baghdad, and another by a suicide car bomb near the Syrian border. A fifth soldier died from a non-hostile gunshot, the military said.

Enough of this crap! There is no such thing as a "non-hostile" gunshot. Why do reporters just accept and regurgitate this garbage anyway? Do they mean "accidental gunshot"? If so, why not just say it. I suspect that more likely it was yet another suicide, in a war becoming known for an unusually high number of such deaths.

But at least the people of Iraq are better off now then they were under Saddam.

A man with a blood-stained shirt walks away Thursday after carrying an Iraqi student, laying on the bed, to a hospital in Baghdad. A rocket hit a public school for students ages 12 to 15 in the western al-Mansour neighborhood of the capital, killing one child and wounding five, said police Capt. Qassim Hussein. It wasn't reported whether the rocket was fired by U.S. forces or insurgents.

As of Thursday
Service members who have died in Iraq-related military operations since March 2003:
United States 1,988
Others 199

U.S. service members injured in Iraq-related operations:

From hostile action: 15,220
Estimated minimum number of Iraqi civilians reported killed since March 2003: 26,661


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Hey, excellent website. A great Iraq resource is Deaths in Iraq. It breaks all of the casualties down by age, race, branch of the military, country, etc.

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