Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The National Guard Came Through -- They Sent Me The Free i-Tunes

Last week I filled out a form which promised 3 free i-Tunes downloads in exchange for being willing to talk to a National Guard recruiter. I wanted to see, considering that I'm a 59 year old faggot, if they would give me the tunes and send someone to contact me.

Well they sent me the code to download the tunes. I'm still waiting to see a couple of big buffed up troops come knocking. They tend to pick the pretty ones as recruiters...

I do hope that they call up and want to come visit. I'll buy 'em lunch. We can walk up the street to The Castro district, lot's of restaurants there. I figure that the longer that they spend talking to me, the less time they will have talking to poor, naive young people.

Hell, maybe they can even talk me into going back in. But as author David Rakoff pointed out in a recent Daily Show interview (watch here) that if we're ever asked to bear arms, something calamitous has happened.
MP3 Download - Sergent Garcia - Stop Da War


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