Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Were You Good While I Was Gone?

OK, we all have some catching up to do, now that my day job has settled back down.

First of all, I assume that all of you did the work I assigned before I left. As you recall I told you all to keep up with the postings on Pam's House Blend, Americablog and The Raw Story. If you've gotten behind, go back and catch up.

My week was pretty boring, driving my boss around and waiting at the car while he went through endless meetings, dinners and other events in honor of a visiting foreign government official.

The high point of the week though came when we took the visitor and his party back to SFO and put him on a plane out of the country. It was cool not only because it meant that things around here would get back to normal, but also because I got my first chance to take part in a high level VIP convoy through San Francisco.

We had 14 cops on motorcycles close Market Street as we loaded up our passengers into a little convoy consisting of the San Francisco Mayor's limo (with really cool flashing blue and red lights behind the grill), a second "regular" limo, me driving a big Lexus SUV (I know, I know) and then a fancy leased bus with all the rest of the VIP's party in it.

It was awesome. lights flashing, sirens howling. Motorcycles whizzing by to close each of the cross streets and alleys and to make sure the path in front of us was clear. I could get used to traveling like this...

At SFO we bypassed the terminal entirely and drove directly onto the tarmac, wending our way through taxing airlines to a corner of the field where the VIP's jet was parked. There some VERY courteous Customs officials had set up folding tables right on the ground next to the plane where they quickly ran the travelers through the formalities. I used to think that flying First Class was cool, but this has it beat all to pieces.

That was the high point of my week. The rest of it was mostly spent leaning on the fender of the car for hours on end, waiting and waiting and waiting some more.


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