Monday, January 02, 2006

Bush-Cheney Energy Policy Meets Goals Ahead Of Schedule

The White House was gleeful today on receiving word that Iraq's oil exports have hit their lowest levels ever. Bush and Cheney reportedly were seen giving each other a "high five" and chortling over the fact that the anti-war crowd has been completely hoodwinked.

"We fooled them from the beginning" smirked the President. "They thought that the point was to capture the oil for America's use. Why the hell would we want a glut of oil on the market? The fools were going around chanting 'No War For Oil', they should have chanted 'No War For Oil Shortages'."

Vice President Cheney was heard to murmer "War on terror all right. We were 'terror'fied that oil prices might go down." The war, of course has played a large factor in the worldwide shortage of oil, leading to high prices at the pump, and obscene profits for the oil companies.


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