Monday, January 02, 2006

Linux and Apple users urge others to stick with Windows even in face of huge new threat

Updated Jan 4, 2006

A flaw in Microsoft's Windows Meta File has spawned dozens of attacks since its discovery last week, security experts warned Tuesday.

"Right now, the situation is bad, but it could be much worse. The potential for problems is bigger than we have ever seen," (A computer security expert) said. "We estimate 99 percent of computers worldwide are vulnerable to this attack."

Many of the computer users who have switched from Microsoft's Windows operating system are urging current Windows users not to give up on the Microsoft product, even in the face of the huge new threat, which affects all Windows products made in the last 15 years.

"Just do as Microsoft advises, and don't go to any websites, don't use your e-mail and don't log onto any instant messaging system and you should be fine." Said one computer user who switched to Linux last year.

The ex-Windows users are urging the 95% of computer owners who do use Windows to stick with that system. They point out that there would be severe reprocussions if there were a widespread migration away from Windows.

"Can you imagine the havoc that would be wreaked on the economy if the billions of dollars which are being spent by consumers to buy virus protections, anti-spam programs, spyware blockers and the like were to dry up?" asked one. "Not to mention the impact on consumer spending if the spam publishers were suddenly denied the millions of infected computers they use to secretly email their ads. It would be devestating to computing as we know it."

That 5% of computer users also owe a big debt to the other 95% who still utilize Windows. "If all those folks weren't standing out there with a virtual sign on their back saying 'Attack Me', the bad guys might start targeting us. The way it is now, though, it doesn't make any sense to go after 5% of the total, when the same effort will allow you to crack into and steal from 95% - So please, stick with Windows", he said.


Blogger Jerry Maneker said...

If everybody migrated over to Macs, there would have to be virus protection, anti-spyware, etc. used on Macs. From what I hear, the only reason that PC's need this stuff is because there are more of them and that's why those who develop viruses and spyware targed PC's. Macs are built better than PC's, but PC's are about half the price and I keep my PC's for about 4-5 years. I've had a Dell for two and one half years and it hasn't given me any trouble.

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