Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thursday's news clips

Enough about the mine disaster. Where were the tears, TV cameras and reporters when 123 Chinese miners were killed last month? When 161 were killed in November, 65 in July, another 65 in March and 203 in February? Oh. Those 617 folks don't look like our lilly white asses do, so they don't count, eh? Just keep buying those Chinese goods streaming into our Wal-Marts folks.

The US military is moving right along in their investigation of war crimes. They announced today that they are charging 65 year old Jerry Texiero with desertion and theft. Texiero committed his "crime" when he was a 24 year old Marine who split rather than go to Vietnam. While Texiero's compatriates who fled to Canada to avoid the draft have since been pardoned, and others who enrolled in the National Guard but skipped out on their duties now hold high government posts, officials seem intent on prosecuting Texiero. Let's see. At this rate the police ought to get around to catching the killer of Tupac Shakur, oh, in the year 2033 or so.


It's alway heartening to watch struggling countries follow the example of the USA. For example, Afghanistan. Taking a page from our playbook, that emerging democracy noted the need for a strong economic base. Here in America that base was cotton. In Afghanistan the cash crop is opium poppies, and this year brings a record crop.

Following again in America's footsteps Afghan leaders took a long hard look at the history of eduction in America. Unable to follow exactly our example, Afghan women have been recruited to fill the vital role once filled by slaves here. Specifically those who teach women to read or write are being killed.



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