Tuesday, March 07, 2006

All Your Ports Are Belong To Us

(with two updates)
From an article in the Washington Post:

"DP World officials suggested yesterday that within days, Peninsular & Oriental's operations will belong to them, no matter what Congress does."

With all due respect folks, you might have been wise to consider a different choice of words there. What's the future hold? Lemmee see. (holding hands up to forehead) It's coming to me, yes, it's coming to me, I can see -- I can very clearly see a bunch of really pissed Americans kicking your sorry butts all the way back to Dubai.

And another thing. You DP World folks might just want to consider using a spokesperson named Jim Smith or something. Anything but Sultan Bin Sulayem. Somehow I think that name doesn't do much to reassure us that our ports are going to be in good hands.

Update #1: One of the questions that has been constantly asked is why Bush is pushing so hard for this deal.

From Dissident Voice (I highly recommend clicking on and reading the entire article)

United Arab Emirates is located at the center of an oil-dependent world. This tiny state forms the promontory that juts out into the famed Straits of Hormuz through which 40% of the world’s oil passes every day. Across the narrow straights sits Iran, the next victim on the list of “axis of evil” nations. Any attack on Iran will require that military forces quickly deploy to Dubai to forestall the closing of the straits and the subsequent devastation that would occur to world oil supplies and financial markets.

This is the critical point that is being intentionally concealed by America’s diversionary media. This is the reason that President Bush continues to force the Dubai port plan even though 70% of the American people and Congress resoundingly oppose it.

The importance of UAE as a staging area for future hostilities cannot be overstated. No military strategy can hope to succeed without first establishing a beachhead across the straits in Iran so that the danger of blowing up oil tankers and blocking passage is removed. This tells us that plans for an attack may be on track for late March as originally threatened by Israel.

Tip of the hat to commenter EnoughAlready at AmericaBLOG

Update #2

Last night while discussing this issue with others on AmericaBLOG , I made this observation:

" It's only resonating with "voters" in polls because of pure racism - plain and simple."

I don't think that's it, Rich. My gut feeling is that this ports deal is the first time that most of us in this country have had to face the fact that while we were busy watching American Idol or worrying about whether Tom and Dick or Ann and Sue could get married, the whole damn country has been sold out from under us.

There is racism to the point that it is much easier to imagine Arabs being "foreigners" than the English or other folks who dress and talk more like we do. But it's not really racism that we hearing. It's a primal scream of frustration. We thought that we owned our country and have just discovered that we were really just leasing it, and our lease is up.
"But the fact that such acquisitions are even being considered points to the larger problem of increasing foreign ownership. As it stands, China, Denmark, Japan, South Korea and Singapore have control over terminals in 36 American port cities. And now we're going to add the United Arab Emirates to that list? The strong reaction to the ports deal speaks to a growing dissatisfaction among Americans at the level of foreign ownership, outsourcing and illegal immigration in our country..."

She also laid the blame where it belongs, not only on Bush, but also on those before him

"Much like previous administrations, the president is simply making the world safe for transnational corporations. It's no coincidence that former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are out pushing the Dubai deal. Administration after administration has brought America to the point it's at today, where everything is for sale to the highest bidder. When President George H.W. Bush introduced the concept of a "new world order," it was a harbinger of things to come.

We have entered the era of transnationalism, otherwise known as globalism, and it is sweeping away national identity in favor of an international marketplace. America is becoming nothing more than a hub for the exchange of money, goods and cheap workers. Concern over this issue spans the political spectrum, including the anti-globalization forces on the left and the protectionists on the right. Each faction is opposed to the outcome, for different reasons.

Many of Bush's constituents have awakened to this reality, and the rumblings of discontent have greatly increased. Adding to a series of disappointments since Bush's re-election in 2004, the ports deal may turn out to be the last straw.

The honeymoon is definitely over."


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