Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Prez is right

President Bush said, a few days ago, that the news media is not conveying a true story of the situation in Iraq. He suggested that readers go beyond the mainstream media and read blogs to find out what is really happening in that country.

I did. President Bush is right. While the media is telling us that things in Iraq are bad, they are not telling us the entire truth. The truth is that things in Iraq are really, really bad.

Go read it yourself. Start with Riverbend. If you have the time I would suggest that you go back in the blog archives and start at the very beginning of her postings. Follow the history of her family as it experieces hope, as Suddam is unseated and then apprehention and now despair.

If Riverbend isn't your cup of tea, then go here and choose your reading from other Iraqi bloggers.


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