Sunday, April 16, 2006

The American Taliban's Foot Soldiers?

I will be the first to admit that two does not make a trend, but still I find myself concerned by two recent double murders, in which registered sex offenders were tracked down and killed, in at least one and possibly both cases by the use of "Megan's Law" sex offender registry web sites.

The first case took place in Bellingham, WA in September of last year. 36 year old Michael Mullen called police to tell them that he had killed 2 sex offenders. He said that he had found the name of one of the victims on an Internet "Hit list". The other victim, also a registered sex offender, was a roommate of the first. Mullen told police that he had used the "Megan's Law" website to ascertain the location of the victims' home.

The second case happened yesterday, Sunday, in Maine. 20 year old Stephen Marshall killed two sex offenders in their homes and then shot himself in the head when police closed in. It was unknown if that state's "Megan Law" site was used by the killer, but authorities are concerned enough by the possiblity that they took the site down.

As I say, two does not a trend make, but as I have exactly zero trust in the ability of these kinds of self righteous zealots to differentiate between convicted sex offenders and ordinary queer folk, especially considering the onslaught of slander and lies aimed at us by so many political and religious leaders in this country, I do feel concerned.


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