Saturday, April 29, 2006

Damn It. Why Can't People Just Stay In Their Pigeon Holes?

There was a spectacular crash in the center of the Castro district the other night.

News reports on the accident and resulting fire on Castro Street
leaves me examining my own behavior and lack of compassion.

You see, I know Dane, the homeless man who according to reports was
the first on the scene to help pull the victim from the burning car.

A year or so ago I had carried on a couple of conversations with Dane, and during those conversations I found him to be articulate with a wicked sense of humor. But the third time I attempted to speak with him, he freaked out, acting extremely irrational. I subsequently saw him acting "crazy" on several occassions. He would wander up and down the streets of the Castro yelling and intimidating visitors to the neighborhood.

My reaction to his behavior was to start acting as if he was invisible. Whenever I saw him in my frequent visits to the neighborhood I would look away, or look through him as if he wasn't there. We eventually came to an unspoken truce. I would pretend I didn't see him, and he wouldn't try to engage me in conversation or as the target of one of his rants.

Now I read that he rushed to the aid of a stranger, one that just as likely would treat him with the same lack of respect that I am guilty of doing.

Makes me feel like a real asshole. You know?


Blogger The Truffle said...

Don't feel so bad, dude. Sounds like this homeless guy has his good days and his bad days.

8:36 PM  

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