Saturday, April 15, 2006

White House Breathes Sigh of Relief


According to an unnamed White House official, President and Mrs. Bush are quite relieved that the idea of attending the White House Easter Egg Hunt this weekend as a political statement hasn't spread beyond the gay community.

The biggest fear, according to our source, was that illegal immigrants would bring their plight and children to the event. "The worst case scenerio would be the sight of half a million grubby brown skinned families lining up to enjoy a celebration which should be reserved for only those who are legally here and who deserve the honor. Mrs. Bush had told reporters earlier that the event was open to all, but of course she didn't mean just anybody."

The White House official told this reporter that the President and First Lady were actually planning on greeting the gay families during the opening ceremonies until it was learned that the homosexuals had decided to be fashionably late. "To heck with them then!" snorted the President. He reportedly uttered a Cheneyism as he stalked away.


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