Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Danger Is On The OTHER Border!

I just read about a bunch of anti-illegal immigration hotshots who are surrounding and threatening drivers who attempt to pick up day laborers in a Vista, CA. parking lot. Gotta give 'em a pat on the back. These guys are so tough that they refuse to affiliate with that wussey Minuteman group.
"The Minutemen are so squeaky clean," he said. "Some of us choose to be (only) loosely affiliated with the Minutemen, so that maybe we have the option of not being that squeaky clean if we so desire."

The problem, of course, is that like most Americans they are worried about the wrong border. Now I have to admit that I snickered at the lone Minuteman, featured on Tuesday's edition of The Daily Show, sitting on his lawn chair protecting America's border with Canada. But by God, today I have to admit that he is right.

You see, we are being threatened by a hitherto unknown species of, hold on to your seats, a new species of bear.

And do you what the really scary part is? That hybrid bear was discovered to be carrying a piece of paper with Stephen Colbert's home address. (The strange thing is, the handwriting on the paper looks a lot like that of President Bush.)


Blogger Dowser said...

If this really is a new thing, the first question that arises for me of course is; could this be one of those unexpected,(perhaps expected-unexpected-?!), results of global warming?

11:36 AM  

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