Friday, May 19, 2006

Time To Pay The Piper

In George Orwell's "Animal Farm", all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

In the world of Howard Dean, and many of our other "friends", All people are equal but some are more equal than others, and that's how it is supposed to be, apparently.

I am tired of being manipulated. I am sick of having fear shoved at me as a motivator.

No, Mr. Bush. I am not going to silently stand by and watch the constitution being torn to shreds because "The smoking gun may turn out to be a mushroom cloud." That's fear mongering and Homie don't play that game.

And no, Mr. Dean. I am not going to be satisfied with being kinda equal. I am not going to give up my principles because you tell me that standing up for my self and my community may doom the Democratic Party and allow the Republicans to stay in power. Can't have that, you say, because the GOP doesn't believe in gay equality.

Well, that's fear mongering too, my friend. I ain't gonna play that game for you, either.

Let's see just what kind of equality the Democrats would have us believe we should accept.

The kind of equality where we don't get to decide who to marry and spend the rest of our life with?

The kind of equality where we aren't equal enough to don a uniform and lay down our life for our country?

The kind of equality where we aren't equal enough to be mentioned in the history books or even worthy enough to have our very existance acknowledged in most schools?

The kind of equality where a dying police officer had to crawl out of her death bed to plead with the city council to award her death benefits to her wife? (oooh, don't use the "W" word, you say, it freaks the straights out - Fuck you!)

We are not stupid, Mr. Dean. We have watched the Bush administration pass law after law allowing big business to screw the ordinary citizen. But we have also noticed, in an awful lot of those cases, that a bunch of Democrats voted with the Republicans. Frankly you guys aren't all that better.

I want a Democratic Party that stands up for the regular folks, not the rich. A party that will protect me from the avarice and greed of multi-billion dollar corporations.

I want a party that believes in the sanctity of the ballot box, and will do every thing in its power to see that every vote counts. (and that there is a way to verify it).

I want a party that believes in true equality for every citizen of this great country, no matter skin color, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, age or economic status.

I want a party that finds the practice of throwing the mentally ill, the infirm, the aged and the poor into the streets and forcing them to eat out of garbage cans as abhorant as I do.

I want a party that will stand up to the insanity of "intelligent design", the insanity of agreeing that creationism and other kooky ideas are equal to scientific fact.

I want a party that will stand up, with no equivication, for a woman's right to decide.

I want a party of principle. A party that will state what it believes, and then stand up for those beliefs. Appeasment and bending your stance to follow the polls quite frankly sucks or blows or whatever the current word is.

If you can't be that, why the hell should I support you?

You know, I hear that the religious right is giving the same message to the GOP right about now.

I guess the time has come to pay the piper.


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Blogger Paul from SF said...

Oh yeah. I know. I've just got too much to do to allow myself to get caught up in that cat fight.

5:26 PM  
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