Friday, June 02, 2006

Food For Thought

Maybe Americans should take another look at our diet.

This is a straight out copy and paste of a comment found over on Americablog. Thanks to the original writer, who kindly gave me permission to repost it.

Same planet?

BBC Headlines:

Iran nuclear bomb 'in 10 years'
Iraqi PM angry at 'US violence'
US probes new Iraq massacre claim
Haditha: Massacre and cover-up?
Iraqi viewpoint: Fear of US troops
No jail for US army dog handler
US jobs growth tails off in May
Guantanamo hunger strike grows
Army 'to blame' for Katrina flood
US sniper gets life for killings

CNN Headlines:

Anna Nicole Smith: 'Yes, I am pregnant'
FDA: Restaurants on front lines in obesity fight
Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie at it again
Man prepares for double marathon ... in a freezer
Kelsey Grammer 's new, blue role
Couric hopes 'pretentious' news era over

oh, and . . .
Bush to promote gay marriage amendment

Those damn Brits, have they no idea about real journalism?

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