Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bind Moggling

After reading the news this morning I can't even think straight (as if I can at other times). First this gem from The Olympian, in an article reporting on the use of fingerprint scanners to keep track of student charges in a school cafeteria, one parent piped up with a hitherto unaddressed fear - "Our fingerprints are just like our Social Security numbers," she said, before seeing a demonstration of the service. "That's how people steal identities."

Yep. I saw that movie too. The bad guy lops off someone's finger and uses the detached digit to activate the fingerprint scanner. I can't help thinking of news stories which pop up on a regular basis in which police report finding this or that ID thief with hundreds of pieces of stolen ID. So now it's going to be hundreds of detached fingers? Ehew!

Kudos goes to the California State Legislature for enacting yet another law which has been so watered down to meet the demands of special interest groups that it ends up doing nothing. I am talking about the new law which will ban the use of handheld cell phones while driving. The law continues to allow the use of hands-free models. The problem, of course, being the studies which show that there is no difference at all between using handheld or handsfree phones while driving. Either way your chances of getting into an accident are quadrupled over those times when you concentrate on your driving. Hang up and drive, dammit!

Sudan has identified a new security threat and is taking drastic measures to protect their citizens. All travelers to that country are now required to turn over that laptop computers to security forces who then send the machines off to be scanned - for pornography. Way to go, Sudan.


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