Thursday, October 05, 2006


Some of the brightest, sharpest minds in the conservative movement have been working non-stop since the Foley story broke, trying to find out just whose fault it is that a sexual predator has been allowed the stalk the halls of Congress for the past several years. The hard work has paid off. The blame rests entirely on the shoulders of this individual:

Nancy Pelosi (per Pat Buchanan)
Bill Clinton (per Dennis Hastert)
The Pages (per Drudge)
Tom Reynolds (per Dennis Hastert)
Dennis Hastert (per Tom Reynolds)
John Boehner (per Dennis Hastert)
Dennis Hastert (per John Boehner)
The "sleaze ball, greedy, aggressive" Page (per Michael Savage)
Democrats and/or liberals and/or the media (per Rush Limbaugh)
The Democrats (per Sean Hannity)
Florida voters (per Bill Kristol)
"tolerance and diversity" (per FRC's Tony Perkins)
liberals tolerant of the "gay lifestyle" (per the Wall Street Journal)
gays who would be offended at criticism of Foley (per Newt Gingrich)
"a network of gay staffers and gay members" of Congress (per unnamed sources on Capitol Hill)
Low level staff members in Hastert's office (per Rep. Ray LaHood)
Nancy Pelosi (per Rush Limbaugh)
Brian Ross of ABC (per Rush Limbaugh)

This list is based almost entirely on an excellent piece of reporting by Media Matters.


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