Monday, October 02, 2006

From Talking Points Memo

"TPM Reader JM gets it ...

Once ABC got hold of the e-mails, it took them one day to flush out the IMs. That's what an actual investigation looks like. The Republican leadership simply didn't want to know how bad the Foley situation was. That's just as morally negligent as if they had started digging and found the IMs."

The House Republican leadership claim that last year they investigated the original emails. They say that they dropped that investigation after Representative Foley falsely told them that the emails were innocent.

What kind of investigation is it, where the suspect's word is enough to end the probe?

That would be like, say, holding a hearing to grill oil company executives over rapidly rising fuel prices but skipping the whole bit about making them swear to tell the truth.

Oh. Nevermind.


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